Monday, April 6, 2009

So close!!

I came across a craigslist posting today that claimed to have 2 pirate sets still in box for sale. At first I thought they would be the new pirate sets, but when I opened the ad, I saw a image of 6274 the Caribbean Clipper! The ad was a little vague, stating 2 complete pirate sets $25 each. I looked at the post time and it was only an hour old. I quickly responded to see if there was any hope of snagging these rare finds. About 3 hours later I got an email saying that they were no longer available and were immediately sold. DUH!

I never got a clear explanation on the other set or if they were MISB. From the ad I took that 6274 was opened and played with but still complete with box. No clue on the other set that was for sale. So keep an eye out on eBay for a boxed 6274 from the Bay Area. If the buyer chooses not to keep it I will suspect it will be there.

I'm currently working on a program that will scan craigslist for new Lego posts and email me if there is one. That way I can get the jump on these ridiculous finds. Until then I will keep my eyes peeled for awesome deals.

I took a closer look at the picture that was on the ad. It clearly shows 6274 but behind it you see a small corner of the other item for sale. 6273 - Rock Island Refuge!!!! I bought my 6273 from ebay complete with box for $110. This person had no idea what they were selling.