Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got it!!!

It's been a long time since I posted last. Life has been turned up to 11 these past few months. I recently acquired a lot of used LEGO that deserved a post. After my miss on the old pirate sets I got the wheels turning and tried to make a program that would scan craigslist every 10 minutes or so and email me when a new LEGO ad was made. That program died quickly when I discovered a craigslist gadget I could add to my google home page. Largely in thanks to flickr user toomuchdew. He posted his LEGO themed google page and it showed a craigslist gadget so I went to add it to my page. This thing is awesome. I have only had it for a few weeks when it found me a gem of a sale.

Someone had posted an ad for "Huge LEGO Collection". As soon as I had opened that posting I new it was the deal of the month. 18 mid 90's sets complete and in box were priced at $200. Among the sets were 6991, 6339, 6195 and many others. I came across the posting a mere 20 minutes after it was posted and immediately called the number listed. I left a message and waited for 5 hours before I got a call back. I was the first to call and there for was the first to get called back. I drove 30 minutes to the persons house and looked over the lot. It appeared to have everything and most the boxes were still in great shape. Also along the way the seller had come across a few additional sets that they were just going to through in.

I walked out with 25 sets, 21 of which had there box, and a monorail for $200!! There are a few that I am going to keep and the rest will be up for auction soon. My wife and I have been having a blast getting all the sets ready for auction. It was a great find and I will make back $200 and them some. I will post some images when I get them all together.

EDIT: you can see all the sets I put up for auction here on flickr. They all sold, and are in hands of other AFOL's. I was sad to see them go, but I couldn't keep them all.