Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NEW: Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Sets

It has been known for awhile now that Lego will be putting out Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC) sets. Speculation came when Lego discontinued the new Pirate line and started picking up more Disney themed sets, Prince of Persia, Toy Story. We have seen confidential preliminary images of these which left many not too excited about the line.

Today we got high resolution images of what the final set designs look like and I am impressed!

The first run of the PotC line will include 8 sets. All of which hold some new and exciting parts/ features.

Click on thumbnails for larger images:
Prices and descriptions are taken from 2011 Toy Fair Fact Sheet.

4195 - Queen Anne's Revenge - $119.99

From the captain’s quarters perched high on his magnificent
ship, Blackbeard secretly looks on as Jack Sparrow and the
motley crew attempt mutiny against Angelica and the zombies.
Will our heroes be able to take control of the ship before
Blackbeard reveals himself? Includes Jack Sparrow, Angelica
and Blackbeard figures
4194 - Whitecap Bay - $79.99

At Whitecap Bay, Jack Sparrow and the other pirates
encounter the mermaids. Spot them using the searchlight and
shoot the net from the boathouse cannon. But beware! If the
whale oil tips over, the whole lighthouse is sure to go up in
flames! Includes Jack Sparrow, three mermaids and three
other pirate minifigs, mini-boat with pirates’ victims, crewmates
and a collapsing lighthouse

4193 - The London Escape
4192 - The Fountain of Youth - $19.99

The race is on to see who will make it to the Fountain of Youth
first! Will Jack Sparrow be outsmarted by Blackbeard or
wooed by Angelica, or will he beat his rivals to the coveted
pools of eternal youth? Set includes Jack Sparrow, Barbossa
with peg leg and Blackbeard minifigs, plastic waterfall detail
and two chalices
4191 - The Captain's Cabin - $10.99

Will Jack Sparrow escape the captain’s cabin with a coveted
prize or be captured by Zombies? Includes Jack Sparrow and
two Zombie minifigs, buildable shelf and two ships in a bottle
4183 - The Mill
4182 - The Cannibal Escape
4181 - Isla De La Muerta

As you can see these sets are mostly from the new PotC movie "On Stranger Tides" out this summer. The last three are from the other movies. They also have lower set numbers meaning that they are planning to release more sets from the first three movies.

Here is what I'm excited about:
- All the Minifigs
- Wine Bottles
- Gold bars
- Sword Holders
- Arched windows with shutters
- Queen Anne's Revenge

I think that all these sets are really cool. I would love to have multiples of The Captain's Cabin and The London Escape. These two sets have great new parts which I can see using in many new pirate/ castle builds.

EDIT: Just read Disney's press release for Pirates of the Caribbean toys. And they are saying Lego will release NINE sets this year. We have 8 pictured. Some people are saying the Black Pearl ship will be the ninth. Who knows?

Link to pictures of the actual sets from a Disney Event

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